Thursday, July 01, 2010


First rains in new places are special.

Sitting in this bubble, I didn't realize that it was pouring outside. Scrunching up my face on the glass window and leaving nose prints all over the sheer glass, I felt that someone had pressed the mute button; for I could see that it was pouring and yet, it quite didn't feel so.

I wish I had been sitting on the fifth floor watching the rain, from above, rather than second handedly in the first.

First rains in new places are as special as the first days, first book and the first quiz. In Coimbatore I remember coming back after engineering drawing classes to the rather deserted mess when it started pouring. The first pang of loneliness struck and slowly ebbed down as I gulped down the rather sugary tea.I remember dropping my A2 sheets in the muddy water outside and after feeling too good to sit and redraw the elevation and side-view figures, I submitted the frayed ED sheets the next morning. Not unexpectedly, this went unnoticed.

Today's mute rain shall remain in my mind for quite sometime, though I didn't have the wholesome excitement of meeting my ED professor the next day with my wet frayed drawing sheets. But, it is rather scary that in this phase there is nothing to be scared about and also, nothing much to look forward to except for the endorphin induced moments of euphoria.


Anonymous said...

Good one :-)

Srivatsan Varadharajan said...

Nice one :) It rains almost everyday here in Bangalore...and there is this huge glass wall in our room on the 3rd floor from where you can get a fantastic view. And yeah, I almost forgot that we once had ED classes!

RamNarayanS said...

Rain watching through the window with a hot cuppa and hot bajji/bonda/pakoda in hand is ethereal. :-) And rains in hill stations are incredible. Nice phrase 'mute rain', for what is rain without its pitter-patter.

Uttara Ananthakrishnan said...

@Vatsn- Heh, you were one of the few who really liked it :)

@Ram- Oh yes, I really need to be at a hill station for the rain. And sigh, pakodas are the best. Inside the office, it doesn't make a difference though :-( what with the air conditioning