Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hyderabad Marathon and Sphoorti!

I have never been an athlete. In fact, I have never ever been to my Physical Education class all through school. I guess I couldn't make an effort because of the dozen respiratory diseases I had - Chronic wheezing, bronchitis, tonsillitis- you name it, I had it.  I never really made an effort knowing I was much better off in quizzing, debating, erm, even painting and music.

However,when I was in college, I discovered how much fun running was. I jogged (and still do) at a snail's pace, walked in between my running bouts, and yet, I did run. This is when I got fascinated by people who run Marathons. Considering my track record and genetic predisposition to get bored with anything, running a Marathon is the highest level of discipline I can achieve in my life. 

My running history is not great; nowhere near some of my friends' IronMan, SFO/Mumbai Marathons. I have never even felt the need to compete in an event that involved sports. However, this time after a putting a lot of thought , I have signed up for the Hyderabad Marathon where I will be running a Half Marathon.

It is an insane 22.5 KMs and Hyderabad's heat is bound beat anyone down (Here is a wish that they have Marathons at night :D). The route extends from Lakdi-ka-Phool (Near Hussain Sagar) to Hi-Tech city. I leave it to the people in Hyderabad to digress.

Since I am running, I thought it would be nice to support a cause. At least, this commitment will get my butt out of the bed and motivate me into practicing.  I am supporting this NGO called Sphoorti who provide shelter and educate about 140 destitute and orphaned children. I have pledged to raise Rs.5000 for these kids in 57 days. It is not a great amount, however, it might buy these children food for day. Please contribute in this page. I couldn't think of a nice personal message when I signed up, but do make a difference! Remember Rs 300 is the tax you pay for a dinner in that over priced restaurant and yet, despite what we think, Rs 300 will actually buy food for 10 children. And all you Americans, if you have been in India/ are from India, you will know the Indian definition of "destitution". These are kids who are really, really poor and in some cases, are rescued from unspeakable conditions. We are yet to have anything called Child Safety and what you contribute will definitely make a difference. ( Also, a dollar is equal to Rs 55 which should give you more reasons to contribute :-) )  I just realized that Rs.5000 is only 91 USD!

I think Google matches your contributions. I will update this page once I confirm the same with someone at office.