Saturday, August 14, 2010

On Tamizh

Recently, I discovered that my ears have become extremely sensitive to Tamizh. Be a random snatch of personal conversation on the elevator or a kid sqawking "Enakku Vendakkai Vendaam" in the super-market, I find myself turning and noticing them. Often it becomes embarassing to blurt out, "Tamizha?" after knowing very well that vendakkaai cannot be Kashmiri or Russian. When I stumble upon surnames like "Varadharajan" or say "Ramanathan" at the intra-network at the office, I start noticing them in a different light; as someone who might know the impact of Senthil- Goundamani culture on every Tamizhian's life or someone who would prefer (or even secretly prefer) to down in gratefully, the Sambar Idly every morning instead of cold milk and toast.

For the past 10 years, I have never skipped reading Ananda Vikatan or Kalki and now, my only contact with Tamizhnadu comes from face book. I am scandalised that I don't even keep track of the upcoming Vijay blockbusters, or the next TV channel that captain might have started in Tamizhnadu.

Also, it is amusing when there is an incomprehensible pause after I say, "Hey, I am Uttara and I hail from Madurai". A couple of seconds later, eager to push the conversation back on to tracks, I volunteer helpfullly "But hey, I studied in Coimbatore.." Amusement escalates to irritation when people say "Oh, I thought you were Tamil".

Tch-Tch, 500 crores on Ulaga Tamizh-maanadu. Tis time they start thanking Rahman, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikaant.