Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Today I watched this brilliant movie called Ferrari Ki Sawaari. The other Boman Irani movie I have seen before is "Well done Abba" which was again, amazing. As far Ferrari is concerned, the movie's story line was simple but hilarious. Every character was so accurately portrayed. The Mumbai that they showed in the movie looked so clean and beautiful unlike the Mumbai that I have seen. I want to gush about it more, but then it is around 1 am and my adjectives tend to be limited at this time of the day. I am kind of going through an epiphanic phase, lately. As I was watching the movie I found a bunch of pertinent takeaways that I thought would be worthy enough to jot down in this journal of mine.

  • There are a lot of hardworking people who badly want a lot of things to go their way. It is important to acknowledge them while evaluating personal miseries
  • There are a lot of unfair things that can happen to good people. The true meaning of growing up, so I am told, is to move on
  • If someone gets something that we want so badly want means that they wanted it more and they worked harder than we did
  • If certain things were meant to happen in a certain way, we cannot tweak them to suit our convenience
  • There are good people in this world 

End ramble.