Friday, July 16, 2010

Ego Post *Smirk*


After a long long time, I had enough patience and time to sit and solve The Hindu Crossword. Took two hours, but the rush of finishing it is AWESOME. Here you go. Answers with explanations!


1 Would the salesman soar to a theme repeated in music? (7)- reprise {Rep+rise}

5 What a query seeks (6)- easy one- answer

11 Invigorate with some Payyoli venison (5)- container clue- liven meaning invigorate in “Payyoli venison”

12 Alumna, o'so peculiar and inconsistent (9)- Anagram of “Alumna, o'so” - anomalous

13 Desolate place made famous by Eliot (9)- wasteland- eliot ‘s work-googled

14 The girl about to return is so thin (5)- good one- she+return (er)= means sheer

15 A hoodlum would add a plug to it (4)- Ugly- Don’t know how it fits, but got it from the rest of the letters

17 Old instrument found right in the middle of broken oil can (7)- good one- anagram of oil can +”r” for right=clarion

21 One male, out-of-date, in a deadlock (7)- (one=I) + (male=M) + ( out of date=passé)= impasse= deadlock

22 Strip the skin of poacher's first slippery swimmer (4)= Peel J (poacher’s first=p + slippery swimmer= eel)

26 He would lead a novice into drug (5)= pilot (Got it from he would lead. Guess has some pot funda to it)

27 Relatively smaller fish, a subordinate (9)= underling= sub-ordinate

29 A German terrorist, heartless and losing head, reformed by university official (9)- Registrar- complicated, got from university official and the other letters

30 Say hello, get to receive a note (5)- Awesome one- get+note (musical note =re) greet meaning say hello

31 Go back escorting girl on a pleasure trip (6) = Outing! Go is back and hence is g & o, and pleasure trip. Guess nitu thing is slightly dumb

32 Commercial poetry unfavourable to one's interests (7)= adverse! J brilliant one. Commercial=ad+ poetry=verse)


2 Part of the roof whereunder one may overhear talk (5)- eaves [Basic civil engineering to rescue and also from the eavesdrop thing]

3 Money put up for a curdling agent (6)- rennet- it is a cheese like thing. Money is “re” and then found cheeses starting with re.

4 POW camp that put gals at jeopardy (6)- anagram of gals at= stalag [Prisinor of war camp]

6 Craft of Biblical survivors (5,3)- easy- Noahs ark

7 Everything, with a bit added, is nutritious (9)- awesome one- (everything= whole)+(a bit=some) = wholesome

8 Place to relax with others around Oregon (6)= resort , from place to relax

9 Weapon for a second grade, depressed shooter (7)= good one-> (second grade=b)+ (depressed=low)+(shooter=gun) = blowgun

10 Venetian attraction, first of dories in a churning lagoon (7)= (first of dories=d)+(lagoon) anagram= gondola

16 Publicity for a Chaplin film (9)= limelight!

18 Enthusiastic supporter of division at home accepts appeal (8)= partisan(Got from meaning and division=part)

19 Draughtsman's tool (1-6)= T square (ED!)

20 Voyages of a student involved in brawls (7)= flights (Fights+l) got from the meaning of voyages and fights

23 Spectacles include harbour in Portuguese town (6)= OOOH visual clue! Spectacles=OO, put (harbor=port) in it. Oporto is in Portugal said Google!

24 Admired — dead or otherwise (6)= adored. Sort of container

25 The accent of a born blackguard (6)=brogue (got from other letters. Apparently it is a shoe, can be considered as a blackguard)

28 The things revealed when kismet is reversed (5)=kismet reversed= items J


Ganesh said...

I landed on ur blog by chance and went through many of your posts.They are grt & seem to aptly reflect ur opinions & readings .Nice blog Uttara :) Keep the good work going.

Weird that am commenting on a crossword post though :)

Uttara said...

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the posts. I should really write more often these days.

Haddock said...

Each paper has their own pattern I suppose (or who ever sets the crossword)
From the time Sudoko made its appearance, the crossword has gone out of the window for me.

RamMmm said...

Needs patience and lots of it. Tried it a long time back, struggled, followed patterns looking at different solutions et al, then all the curiosity killed the cat. :-(

I am now content doing Jumbled words, HocusFocus and the slightly kiddo puzzles that come in the paper. :-) :-)

Uttara said...

@Haddock- Am bad at Sudoko :). Yeah, each paper has its own pattern. Even in The Hindu, you cant do the Manna crosswords. Gridman, Sanklank and Nita Jaggi can be done :)

@Rammmm- Heh, I remember the one that comes in Youngworld :)

Ryan said...

Super! As for the pilot, my guess is P-il-ot. il is french for he as you know. And he leads you into drugs(pot) :P

Uttara said...

Oh! Never thought of that! Nice :)