Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Of easy wind and downy flake

After days and days of waiting for snow, here it is. A couple of weeks before, I was almost sure that it was snowing but then it melted before it hit the ground. I assumed I was hallucinating after three cups of coffee.

Nevertheless, it is here, it is incredible and I haven't stopped smiling since morning. I was looking for an unsuspecting victim whom I could thwack with a snow ball from the back. I found one later in the day and he was not pleased. One off the bucket list though.

Snow is sort of fluffy which is surprising because I imagined it to be like grated ice not unlike the snow cones. Now I know why Robert Frost  called it the "downy" flake.

I can't *wait* to build a snowman and have an actual snowball fight.

If you see someone near CMU jumping up and down and singing off key, it should probably be me.

I had to abandon this perfect snowball that I made in the morning!

1 comment:

kruti said...

beautiful ! :) Its still on my bucket list...

P.s Love reading your blog