Monday, March 04, 2013


Been writing this blog ever since I was 17 and I have written a post on most of my birthdays. Keeping up with the tradition, on a rather tiring day, here we go.

Birthdays don't feel any different anymore, there are no milestones. I get to eat cake everyday :)

I hope I get to go by the year following the two principles.

 Phil Dunphy

Green knees and make life go "whaaat"


Kanthu said...

Happy b'day..:-)

kruti said...

Belated Wishes :) Happy, Happy Birthday !

Saranya said...

Hey! Just randomly landed on your blog! Loved the title!!Got to love Haddock! And Got to give it to Phil Dunphy! Happy bday!BTW!

Saranya said...

Hey! randomly landed on your blog! Great Title! Got to love Haddock! And Phil Dunphy too! Belated bday wishes btw!

Saranya said...

Hey! Loved your blog title! Hail Haddock! and got to love Phil Dunphy too! Belated wishes! BTW!