Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Emperor's new clothes

The glitzy malls, extremely over-priced coffee shops, watches priced at least a six thousand rupees, shoes, make up, accessories, purses, more accessories; the money and the people who buy in a wave of their hand somehow do not equate to the rest of the country. How has purchasing power escalated so much with a huge part of the country struggling to go to schools? I am sure everyone has an opinion about making a difference, but strangely, the hordes buying pretty pink shoes to go, perhaps, with their pretty ponies, speak of losing ground and identity; amidst other things. Do all objects nouveau make a person more than what he/she can ever be, as a person?

Where is the child who cries out about the Emperor's new clothes?


Reminds me


Madman said...

It does play a part but its being overdone. The world around has become plastic. Btw how do you make these comics? Any software?

Uttara Ananthakrishnan said...

Oh this is Calvin.I search for the strip and get it

shibani said...

Nice calvin strip, which matches the context. I have also noticed, that people end up doing weird things, and spending money lavishly, when it is'nt exactly the need of the hour.